Pulse Mystery Shopping is the result of years of e-commerce data analysis, UX design optimisation and shopper behaviour studies. While for decades bricks and mortar stores have employed mystery shopping services to improve their customer experience and brand reputation, the service has yet to be adopted by the e-commerce community.

We have combined the skill and expertise of a 20 year old digital marketing agency with mystery shopping experts to create a service that assist ecommerce stores to assess their customer service. The buying journey is reviewed and scored against best in class online user experiences, highlighted the areas that need improvement.

We aren't happy with the status quo that 3% conversion rate is something to strive for. Imagine if you only had 3 out of every 100 people who walked in your shop make a purchase. You need to ask yourself what are you doing to make them walk back out again. It is harder online to capture and maintain the interest of the user, so when you have them, make the experience rock.

Simple changes can have massive impact to a store's bottom line. No matter the store there are always small tweaks to the experience that results in happier customers. Turning them into raving fans means better lifetime value of your customers and raving fans. Also for Google a better experience means better results. So why not get a mystery shop on your store to tap into the current buying journey and see where you can improve the experience.

Get in touch today to make the buying experience on your store remarkable!

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