Pulse Mystery Shopping is the result of years of e-commerce data analysis, UX design optimisation and shopper behaviour studies. While for decades bricks and mortar stores have employed mystery shopping services to improve their customer experience and brand reputation, the service has yet to be adopted by the e-commerce community.

Why not?

Your customer is still walking through your front door, albeit with a digital footprint, and they can still potentially suffer the very real frustrations of not finding products, poor customer service, and slow checkout. Our mystery shopper service can be your customer. They will arrive at your shop front, navigate your aisles, purchase a product and checkout.

The supplied Mystery Shopping report will highlight areas in which you excel, and those that could do with improvement. Leverage the results to improve your shopper experience, giving you the edge over your competition and creating an army of repeat customers. The e-commerce landscape is forever in flux, so we also offer a subscription service that will see your store regularly visited to ensure you are improving and changing as new features and experiences come to the fore.

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