Why your eCommerce business needs mystery shopping

Running a business is hard, time-consuming work. With stock logistics, HR, payroll, bookkeeping, shipping, returns, marketing, the list goes on and on. With all that in mind, is it any surprise that most business owners rarely see the purchasing process from a customer’s point of view? When was the last time you picked up your mobile and purchased something from your site? For most business owners it’s a case of “not recently”, or even “never”. Customers expect a certain level of simplicity when shopping online, with many having become accustomed to a familiar site layout and transaction flow. But to even the most ardent online shoppers, the majority will have no idea of the technical issues and UX problems your site poses, rather they will share common frustrations if the site is slow to load, they have trouble finding products, or it is a generally annoying experience. 96% of your customers won’t bother to leave negative feedback; they will simply never return, find somewhere else to shop, and tell as many people about their bad experience as they can!

Are you falling behind the pack? 

With that in mind it is important to constantly evaluate the performance of your eCommerce business to ensure it maintains the standards expected by your customers. As with any technology, eCommerce is constantly changing, both in terms of methodology and delivery, and has taken on an even greater significance now that we are living through the unprecedented times of a global pandemic. To meet the shifting expectations of customers and stay abreast of their shopping habits, as well as elevate your business above the competition, you need to capitalise on the shift to eCommerce and the increasing growth of eCommerce not only now, but in a post-COVID world that will surely see many customers remain firmly online.

If you are in the market to improve already stellar results, or are one of the many unfortunate businesses that are now scrambling to play catch-up, then a mystery shop is a fast, effective method to identify issues on your site.

A Pulse Mystery Shop offers an honest evaluation of the buyer experience on your site. It covers every facet of the purchase from homepage through to checkout confirmation and is backed by a comprehensive written report and video recording of the buyer’s journey. This unbiased report is based on functionality and UX design and is there to identify areas of your online business that could be construed as roadblocks or a hindrance to the customer experience, helping you rectify those issues and increase flow through the conversion funnel resulting in increased sales. This honest feedback aims to assist you in beating the competition and creating a loyal army of followers. 

Get the eCommerce advantage

A mystery shop also offers benefits to your eCommerce business such as:

Brand improvement – You strive to project an image through your brand. A mystery shop can indicate whether your brand message, image, and values are being accurately portrayed and whether additional work needs to be invested in this area.

Idea development – As your business it is often difficult to “see the woods for the trees” when you are involved in the daily operations. An objective mystery shop will often table fresh ideas or suggestions for improvement that you may otherwise not have thought of.

Cost effective – You could spend hours trawling through your site. How much is that time worth to you? Our experienced mystery shoppers can complete their detailed report in a fraction of the time, delivering you powerful insights into customer behaviour and revenue opportunities for a fraction of the cost.

Pulse Mystery Shoppers are matched to your industry and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Improve sales, build loyal followers, and dominate your competition in three easy steps.

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