No matter the entry point to your site, you need to be able to answer a customer’s questions before they ask. A Shopaholic Mystery Shop will cover both Mobile and Desktop journeys identifying those areas where you are leaving your customers questions unanswered, right from the home page through to completing a purchase*. The results of the mystery shop are then reviewed with your site data** to provide you with a priority list of areas for improvement to help maximise your store revenue. Get the results of the mystery shop within 7 days.

*You will provide a product allowance for the mystery shopper.
** Read-only access to Google Analytics allows our data team to prioritise the shopping experience roadblocks.

Make the experience of buying from your store remarkable.


To match your mystery shopper with your audience, tell us more about who your customers are:




200+ point check
Category Pages
Product Pages
Test Purchase
Experience Video
Score & Report
* plus Product Allowance (or Voucher)
* Google Analytics Required (read-only)

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