In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s no secret that the advent of Social Media has prompted a steep decline in attention span. In 2000, the average attention span was considered to be 12 seconds, but, after only 15 years, this average had already dropped to 8.25 seconds. To put this into perspective, according to scientists, goldfish …

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In today’s global economy, advertisers and marketers can use digital marketing campaigns to literally reach millions of people in a matter of minutes. With a hefty advertising budget, any e-business or ecommerce business can take the digital world by storm. Surely, by attracting millions of users, sales will soar to unknown heights. Well it all …

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Your digital marketing funnel is working well. Customers are responding to your content and ads. Visitors are flocking to your ecommerce shop and its bounce-rate is still low despite the heavy traffic. Consumers are searching for their favorite products and discovering new ones thanks to the handy suggestions feature your website’s developer implemented. They are …

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Over the previous few decades, mystery shopping has become a reliable strategy used by companies looking to gain insights into how customers truly interact with their products and stores. Mystery shoppers can assess whether services truly match customer expectations and offer an objective way to evaluate how employees respond to real-life stressful situations, such as …

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Musical Instrument Store

Mobile revenue up!

Around half of this stores activity was through mobile. This was for both revenue and traffic. However, the desktop converted 1.5% better. The Pulse Mystery Shop showed a weakness in two main areas, the cart on mobile and overall navigation issues for both desktop and mobile. 

This store has addressed mobile navigation only. By making it easier for customer to find the products on mobile, the store increased mobile revenue 3 fold. Sessions for site search usage went from 1.89% to 9.47%.


Spare Parts

Higher revenues & conversion rates

The homepage was this stores highest trafficked landing page, but as a launching off point to the rest of the website it was suffering. We took the highest searched terms through site search usage and created homepage tiles to assist users in getting to where they wanted to go as soon as possible. We also de-optimised the homepage for phrases that were not bringing the client any revenue, freeing up space on the page to focus on driving sales.
Improving the homepage as a launching point for users entering the funnel and optimising for more accurate search terms led to a 26% drop in sessions but a 97.34% increase in revenue and a 144% increase in Ecommerce Conversion Rate. This proves that traffic now entering the site is far more qualified and worth more to the client.

Pet Store

Better revenue, better conversions!

Mobile sessions dominated this online stores activity however there were large bottlenecks and distractions on mobile which was causing a poor buying experience.  The site was hard to navigate and distracting.

A mystery shop identified that by simplifying the entire purchase process increased this stores revenue by 94%, shifting the ecommerce conversion rate by 1.15%. We compared the buying to journey to what you would experience in a physical store and it wasn't hard to then prioritise what needed to be done first. Relocating the most popular searched categories higher in the navigation is beneficial for both the user and Google.


Household Accessories

Transparency is trust!

There is nothing worse than starting the purchasing journey through a store only to find out the cost of shipping after you have found your product. By refining this stores' fulfillment messaging we helped them to increase their transactions by 28%. Having clear messaging throughout the buying journey improves the transparency to your customers and at no matter their entry point to your site, their questions are answered.

No matter the industry the buying behaviour of your customers has common needs. They want to get to the product they are looking for easily, what is the shipping, can the item be returned and is the site secure. Here are some of the online stores we helped grow their revenue. Take a look at what changes were made to the buying journey and signals. maybe you are doing the same thing?


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